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Who we are

TECHNODOMI Aggelos Dimitriou is a purely Greek company which is active in the construction sector covering the wider area of Argolida county.
With three generations of experience in the field of construction and with continuous monitoring of technological and product developments, we give the client a variety of complete solutions not only at the level of implementation but also at the level of innovative and advisory proposals for the construction, repair and the redesign of your property .

What we do

Our company undertakes projects such as the construction of detached houses, maisonettes and apartments.
We provide high quality constructions at competitive prices.
Our company and its partners have the capability of planning , issuing building permits, prospective designs and exterior or interior decorations.
Finally, reconstructing old homes and turning them into modern energy efficient is also one of our advantages.


The office is a result of the collaboration of specialized professionals in the field of construction.
The combination of quality, functionality and economy is something that keeps the high level of the construction.
The daily monitoring of the project and effective troubleshooting is part of securing your investment.



Taking over a project with the office has been driven by the proper management of time.
This means that keeping the time limits that the materials need, when they are used in the manufacture according to the specifications of the manufacturing companies.
With our knowledge and with you, we organize a schedule of work that is followed by employees at our own risk.
This is one of the elements that high-level construction requires.



Our many years of experience in the construction field and our specialization in the construction of detached houses, maisonettes and apartments is a point of reference. We set high goals for each project, working with professionals who have a long-standing presence in the field.
The main target is the security, the quality, the flexibility and the correct and timely delivery of the project.
Perhaps our customers' comments are the best proof for us.



With tradition in the construction field, our relationship does not stop there.
The support of your property with materials and work continues over time.
That's why we guarantee the absolute quality of our construction and provide the services whenever you want.


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